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Why Skype is Grrrrrrrrrrreat!


United States

I just wanted to say thank you to Skype!  Thank you Skype!I am an English teacher from America, and I'm living in Japan right now.  I've been teaching at a private school for over 2 years, and I've been teaching private English lessons on Skype for about 6 months.  Skype has changed my life.The powerful response from my website, free English videos and lessons will continue to warm my heart.  My goal is to quit my job in Japan and then ONLY teach English on Skype.  This is my dream. 

I love teaching, and I love meeting new people from all over the world.  So if you have any ideas or suggestions, or if you just want to say HELLO, that's okay too.Sincerely,John Buchananhttp://englishkitty.comSkype Name: verycoolwinter

04:08 AM May 15 2007 |

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Viet Nam


05:33 AM May 15 2007 |




It sounds great.Govment has paid attention to it.especially,facing those people who are in the remote districts.Your experience is good for them.they can be following you.they give them educational resource.you teach.

05:34 AM May 15 2007 |



I registered in the Skype the day before yesterday, so until now i haven' talked with anyone on them and haven't found how useful it is either.

Getting from your description,it seems great.I'll try later.

my skype name is chenhonglady. i really like to meet different people from all over the world,that's why i enjoy so much from my present job,.

Hope to get yr admission earlier.

01:01 AM May 16 2007 |



Hi guys!!!!

Just a tip. Moka Chat Skype plug in (download it from http://www.moka.com) could be a great tool for learning Chinese and Spanish or communicating with Chinese, Spanish, English contacts on skype. This application gives you real-time translation of your text messages which you could then send to your contacts. At the same time, it enables to improve your language skills because you can see, save, and memorize the translated texts.  

Why not giving it a try! 

08:34 PM Nov 27 2008 |



HI! My name is Villas Boas and i would like to practice english. I prefer to talk on skype to improve my speaking english. Please add me to talk.

My id is: villas.boas1923

Best Regards,

Villas Boas

12:26 PM Nov 05 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

My id is :

12:37 AM Nov 08 2011 |




i would like to practice english,my skype name sumeyra8987

08:58 PM Nov 09 2011 |



my skype name vlad_gro

12:47 PM Feb 11 2012 |




ID: “garry1407”

01:32 PM Feb 11 2012 |



Hi i would really love to speak to some one and improve english speaking skills.We would speak/discuss on common interests.Please send invite in skype only with an intention of improving english speaking skills, other calls or request will not be entertained.Age/Sex/speaking skills/Ethnicity – doesnt matter. I speak British english and my speaking skills are intermediate . Looking forward for further interaction.Cool

skype id:learn.english67


06:18 AM Apr 02 2012 |