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are you keeping a diary or a travel journal? I MOSTLY do some writing online .i always start a topic for others to discuss and put an ear and eye to the reponses  from different people in their own cultures.Also i do some  responses and comments on others' discussion.i suppose it is this that put my ability of expressing myself to a greater extent and being more social in many ways.

do you like writings and talk about things you are concerned with and regarding you?People are from all fields ,doctors, college professors,mother s,daddys,teachers, company white collars…Their thoughts could throw some light on us? why not join me at this writing site : http://www.mylot.com/?ref=lankie

This site on which i am doing my topic starting also pay your writing task,0.01-0.022$ for each quality response that you posted.A quality reponse is something from your real experience ,talking about your way of dealing with things.Very insightful and most thoughtful!You also gotta write  at least 4 lines .GOOD DAY!


05:59 AM May 15 2007 |

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12:50 PM May 21 2007 |