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What does this mean?




Hi, there

Thanks for always being there for us, English baby. I love this site so much. And it really helps me a lot. Thanks for putting in so much quality time answering our questions.

Two questions here

(1)I’m going to give him a back hand slip and kick him outta my house.
(2)I’m just kind of falling off the time.

What do those two sentences mean?


03:19 AM Mar 04 2003 |

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sunil verma


hello Seaocean,

The first sentance means: giving back hand slap means being very much crual about anybody and it is like a severe slap to any person it is because, if u r hitting someone with back hand so it will hurt that person more, and second phrase is clear that u r going to hit him away from your home.

The second sentance means: You r a person who are very care of times and u don't want to spend time uselessly.  


02:18 PM Aug 02 2006 |



good questions and the reply is excellent reply. thanks for all, i know something more

03:47 AM Oct 21 2006 |




I think the second phrase means that you once were in touch with the times, but you've fallen off, or lost touch.  To paraphrase Leoson, "I like the way it was."

04:15 AM Oct 21 2006 |



United States

Looks like 'slip' should be 'slap'. We slap someone with the back of our hands (also called a pimp or bitch slap in the vernacular); this actually stems from ancient Roman times and the back of the hand is often considered to be rude or dismissive, as though someone is not good enough for the palm of the hand.

The second one… I am not sure. Seems like it might be an incomplete idea or someone dropped a word. I'd have to see it in context to hazard a guess.


But heck, what am I going on about? I know your English skills are more than comprehensive in this area, Seaocean, so I'll just shut up now…;)

10:35 AM Nov 27 2006 |