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please tell me the contest of using....



Hello friends, I would be thankful, if someone can tell me where we can use exactly "So Far". As far as my knowledge is concerned, it means "till this moment". But i happend to read it somewhere recently, that it could be used only in negative sentenses, Please clarify me only if you are clear on this.

12:03 PM May 31 2007 |

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Hi Jana, 

There is no rule to forbid  using "so far" in other sentences.  You can use it in both positive and negative sentences.

  • So far, I have been to Europe and North America.  I will visit Asia in the future.
  • So far, they haven't called to confirm their appointment.
  • Sarah has had three jobs this year, so far.  Let's see if she keeps this job.  

04:55 PM May 31 2007 |