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Dear Mulism friends...




Surfing the net i came across at this pic below.

It stoke me deeply so I ask you….do you wear the burka? if it is, are you happy to do this or you're constrict by your "life country".

It's just a question, I hope you won't take offence. 


02:34 PM Feb 09 2010 |

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What should I tell her, I didn't find anything in what she shaid.

you are blind, man, or you can't read, or you haven't seen her posts, coz she has deleted it. stupid comment you've just written.

Another thing, if you write in another language, don't forget that we can translate it and know what you say. 

translate what i said, there's no problem. Do you wanna learn portuguese?

at least i can show i am not fabs, like people have always said. if i didn't know you to read it i would write somewhere else. :)

 but islam ask for muslims to be in the middle (balanced) and avoid extremism, because it's dangerous for muslims

blablablabla i know this shit, i've read it every day.

but don't forget there a huge group of muslims that doesn't think like you and they don't stop spreading hatred and violence around. all in name of religion. 

A TIP FOR YOU: You may disagree, swear, beat, kill, burn me alive, whatever, but plz, be honest with yourself and recognize there are some idiot muslims like Mia that has got a shitty mouth like me. But I am man enough to say that. 

02:13 PM Feb 10 2010 |



Marco, were we talking in portuguese to hide something?

I don't think so… LOL

03:24 PM Feb 10 2010 |



Aew. parça, não tô falando que só tem puta nesse fórum? Tira um ou dois e o resto são uns palhaços.

I will repeat i am not fabs as many times you've repeated i am.

 If you want to talk about terrorism, look to the history of christians, you found that thay made most of crimes against the humanity, the last exemple, they caused 100 million of death during the WW1 and WW2.

but they didn't do it in name of religion. If christians kill, it means they are apostated. If a jew kills, it also means he is apostated, so he didn't kill because he is jew or christian, but you know we can't say the same about islam.

quran allows people to kill (if necessary, i know, so don't get freaky like a gaylord) that's why some of you are a bunch of terrorists.


05:00 PM Feb 10 2010 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

Hi every body

At the first, in my opinion we should respect all religions, respect other people. we are here like brothers and sisters from different countries, religions and cutures.

second, Im amuslim girl and I wear burka in my country we call it (Niqab).

Clearly, hijab is a command from Allah  and sisters draw near to Him through wearing hijab. And clearly, doing more than has been commanded is a way to draw still nearer to Allah .

When a sister is already covering everything but her face and her hands, and she would like to do something extra to seek the love of Allah , the only things left for her to cover are – her face and her hands.

Hijab is a screen of privacy→Niqab is a better screenHijab helps develop taqwa→Niqab helps develop more taqwaHijab is a jihad that purifies the soul→Niqab is a greater jihadHijab is a protection for sisters→Niqab is a better protectionHijab is an assertion of Islamic identity→Niqab is a stronger assertionHijab is fard→

Niqab is mustahabb

we are happy when we wear Burka or Niqap, so why you are annoy. we do this to be more nearer to Allah.

My best wishes 

06:13 PM Feb 10 2010 |




I usually respect each and every religion and every person no matter what or where they are from. But when someone is as vulgar and insipid as well as gets verbally abusive towards me I take that personally and I don’t roll with the punches. Plus, my respect towards that person is lost to no end.

06:40 PM Feb 10 2010 |



I see some people are still talking about shit that is over…

I am done with this shit, what about you, Mia?

sorry for being offensive, but saying 'duh' made me feel dumb, and nobody likes that. what do you think of talking about burqas and shit? thanks for your comprehension.

07:02 PM Feb 10 2010 |




wearing hijab or buka is compulsory for every matured muslim woman because ALLAH:says it in the  holy quran (oh you prophet tell your wives and your daughters and the muslim women they should bring down their hijab to cover up to their ankles

07:18 PM Feb 10 2010 |




i don't think it's compulsory..

zayya's reply is not entirely true cos Allah says that we should hide our ankles with something not hijab or burka..Wink

however,some ppl in my country use it..but every country has some differnt laws,practices.. 

08:32 PM Feb 10 2010 |





Be quite, I want to know what tell before open my mouth. About your question I think it's disgisting that women open their body or clothes freely but I don't thing it's bad they wear clothes which exalt their body.

Mia★ and the others who have the same thought

I know, I'm European and I'm not a Mulism but I can't understand. Maybe women who wear the burka feel safer but safer from what? Why women have to hide their beauty? I can't find a sense.

Nice shado

I totally agree with you, we all must respect every culture, religion and so on because we all are brother and sister…....



I don't think it is compulsory. I read from somewhere that the matter of wearing the burka is not written in the Coran but it is something that people want. Maybe in your country people want it is so.


Concluding I've seen television programs where some mulism women complained about wearing the burka. Still now I don't understand if you, mulism women like or dislike tis! 

06:52 AM Feb 11 2010 |



let me tell you a story what caused a problem last time…


we had a soccer tournament in a gym and there were also some girls there. A girl and his boyfriend came across us and somebody called out "what a horny sow (was für eine geile Sau…)" and the boyfriend responded with "son of a bitch" and it caused a fist to his face.


etc. etc….

100% true story. If someone lies about his religion in Islam, he directly goes to hell. 

the difference is open and clear. There is no point in Islam, which you can prove wrong. InsAllah everybody will find the true path.

Burqa is not a must in Islam but women wear it to feel protected against such things.


I dont know why but however people accept that being naked is a symbol for freedom. What a freedom! 

07:20 AM Feb 11 2010 |