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What is surprising you did not know about Russia



Russian Federation

Epiphany is celebrated the Orthodox Church on January 19, new style. On the eve of the holiday, January 18, set a strict fast.

Feast of Epiphany – one of the most ancient feasts of the Christian Church. Its establishment dates back to the days of the apostles. The ancient name of the holiday – "Epiphany" – a phenomenon, or "Theophany – Epiphany, as it was called" festival of lights "," Holy Light "or simply" Light ". For God comes into the world to this day to show the world light unapproachable.

All four Gospels testify to this.
"And it was in those days, Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by John in Jordan. And when out of the water, he saw the heavens opened and the Spirit like a dove descending upon him. And a voice came from heaven: "Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased" (Mark 1,9-11).


In memory of what the Savior of His baptism consecrated water is vodosvyatie; eve of the water is sanctified in the temple, at the feast of the Epiphany – the rivers, or other places where the water taken. Religious procession to the Jordan called the procession for the blessing of natural water bodies.

The baptism of John was symbolic and meant that the body is washed and cleaned with water, and the soul of man, a contrite and a believer in the Savior, will be cleared of all sins by Christ. The Pope exclaimed: "There cometh one mightier than I, whom I am not worthy to stoop down and untie his shoes, I baptize you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit" (Mark 1, 7-8).


Epiphany water sanctifies, heals the grace of God every person with the faith of the communicants. As the Holy Communion, it is accepted only on an empty stomach. Her drink sick, weak people, and to recover the faith and strengthened. The elder monk Seraphim Vyritsky always advised sparge baptismal water, food and food itself. When someone very sick, the elder blessed to take a spoonful of consecrated water every hour. He said that stronger medicine than the holy water and holy oil, no. Holy water extinguishes the flame of passions, drives away evil spirits – that's why she sprinkled housing and everything. Cherish it all year.


After the Baptism of Christ, baptism for the people no longer just a symbol of purification. Here, Jesus revealed Himself to the world as Christ, the Son of God. "I saw, I testify: He – Elect of God", – confirms John the Baptist. ( "Messiah" in Jewish – the same as the Greek "Christ", ie "Anointed of God"). Epiphany opened to us a great divine mystery of the Holy Trinity. Now each okreschayuschiysya attached this mystery, in the words of Christ to His disciples "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit" (Matt. 28, 19).


This holiday is widely celebrated in Russia for many years, and every Russian man could become a witness or a party to this action. I am attaching a video, but it is only a small part of all the videos that are on the Internet. Social network in which there are more videos to be dont open to this site, but if you are interested you can find information










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Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates


honestly I dont know anything about Russian

My best wishes

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Russian Federation

Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II

Future All-Russia Emperor Nicholas II was born on 6 (18) May 1868, the day of the holy and righteous-suffering Job. He was the eldest son of Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna. The education he received under the leadership of his father, was austere, almost harsh. "I need a normal, healthy Russian children" – a claim put forward by the Emperor educators of their children. And such an education might be in spirit only Orthodox. Even a small child Tsarevich showed a special love for God, for His Church. He received a very good education at home – he knew several languages, studied Russian and world history, is deeply versed in military affairs, was widely knowledgeable man. Emperor Alexander III was a comprehensive training program of the Heir to the execution of the royal duties, but these plans are not fully destined to …

SOME RESULTS reign of Nicholas II

Over twenty years of the reign of Nicholas II population of the empire has grown to fifty million people – 40%, natural population growth has exceeded three million in the year. Along with the natural growth significantly increased the overall level of welfare.

Thus, the consumption of sugar from 25 million tons per year (8 pounds per capita in 1894) exceeded 80 million pounds (18 pounds per capita) in 1913. And increased consumption of tea (75 million kg in 1913, 40 million in 1890).

The growth of agricultural production, development of means of communication, expedient delivery of food aid, "hungry years" in the early twentieth century are in the past. Crop failure is no longer meant hunger: crop in certain areas covered by the production of other areas.

Crop of cereals (rye, wheat and barley), peaked at the beginning of his reign, on average, slightly more than two billion pounds, higher than in 1913-1914. four billion.

Doubled the number of manufactures accounted for by the head of the population: in spite of the fact that the production of the Russian textile industry has increased one hundred per cent, the import of textiles from abroad also increased by several times.

Contributions to the state savings banks increased from three hundred million in 1894 to two billion rubles in 1913.

Coal production increased continuously. Donets Basin, which gave in 1894, less than 300 million tons in 1913 has given more than half a billion. In recent years, started the development of powerful new deposits of the Kuznetsk basin in western Siberia. Coal throughout the Empire for twenty years has increased more than fourfold. In 1913, oil production approaching 600 million tons per year (two thirds more than in the beginning of the reign).

In Russia, steel industry grew rapidly. The output of pig iron increased over twenty years, almost four times; smelting of copper – five times; mining of manganese ore as five times. In the field of engineering for the most recent years manifested rapid growth: capital major Russian machine factories for three years (1911-1914) rose from 120 to 220 million rubles. Production of cotton fabric with 10,5 million tons in 1894, doubled by 1911 and continued to grow further. The total number of workers for twenty years, with close to two million five.

From 1 200 million at the beginning of the reign of the budget reached 3.5 billion. Year after year, income exceeded the estimated calculation, the state always has ample free cash flow. For ten years (1904-1913) the excess of ordinary income over expenditure of over two billion rubles. The gold reserve of the State Bank with 648 million (1894) increased to 1,604 million (1914). The budget increase without new taxes, without raising the old, reflecting the growth of the economy.

The length of railways, as the telegraph wires, more than doubled. Rose and the river fleet – the largest in the world. (Steamers in 1895 was 2 539 in 1906 – 4 317.)

The Russian army has increased at approximately the same proportion as the population: by 1914 it was 37 blocks (not counting the Cossacks and irregulars), with the composition of a peaceful time over 1 300 000 people. After the war the Japanese army was completely reorganized. Russian fleet, so badly injured in the war with Japan, is reborn to a new life, and this was a huge personal achievement Sovereign, twice has overcome stubborn resistance of the Duma circles.

The growth of education showed the following figures: by 1914, government expenditures, Zemstvos and towns for public education amounted to 300 million rubles (at the beginning of his reign – about 40 million).

The number of books and periodicals in Russia in 1908 have the following information: periodicals were 2 028, including 440 daily. Books and pamphlets issued 23 852 names, 70 841 000 copies, $ 25 million.

The economic initiative of the broad masses has resulted in an unprecedentedly rapid development of cooperation. Until 1897 in Russia was only about a hundred of consumer societies with a small number of participants and hundreds of small savings and loan associations … By January 1, 1912 the number of consumer societies approached seven thousand … Credit cooperatives in 1914 increased to seven times its share capital by Compared with 1905 and totaled nine million members.

Against the background of the overall picture of the mighty growth of Russia empire emphasize the development of its Asian holdings. For twenty years, nearly 4 million migrants from inland provinces have found a place in Siberia.

In the twentieth year of the reign of Emperor Nicholas II, Russia has reached unprecedented in its level of material prosperity … is taking place in Russia, the change noted by foreigners. At the end of 1913 the editor «Economist Europeen», Edmond Thery, made on behalf of two French ministers examination Russian economy. Noting the remarkable progress in all areas, Teri concluded: "If the affairs of European nations will be from 1912 to 1950 to go the same way as they went from 1900 to 1912, Russia in the middle of this century will dominate Europe politically and economically and financially.

Here's what he wrote about the last days of the reign of Nicholas II, Winston Churchill: "No one country to the fate was not so cruel as to Russia. Her ship went down, when the harbor was in sight. She has already undergone a storm, when everything collapsed. All the victims had been sacrificed, all work is completed. Despair and betrayal seized power when the task was already done …

In March, the king was on the throne, Russia Empire and the Russian army were kept, the front was secured and the victory was unquestionable.

According to the superficial fashion of our time tsarist regime decided to treat as the blind, rotten, no matter what is not capable of tyranny. But analysis of thirty months of war with Germany and Austria should have corrected these superficial representation. Silas Russia Empire, we can measure the impact of which she suffered, according to disaster, she suffered from the inexhaustible forces, which it developed, and the restoration of power to which she was capable of.

In government, when the great events happening, the leader of the nation, whoever he was condemned for the failures and praised for the success …

Here it is once. Interferes dark hand, at first clothed madness. The king descends from the stage. He and all his lovers betray the sufferings and death. His efforts have reduced; condemn his actions, his memory is tarnished … Stop and say: Who else could it proved to be suitable? In humans talented and courageous, ambitious and proud people in spirit, brave and power – there was no lack. But no one was able to answer those few questions, on which depended the life and glory of Russia ".

Boris Pasternak had such a line of great age, "about the life of the poor at a glance, but a great sign of their loss." Imagine, on the street in a crowd, we see a strange woman. I see – a woman as a woman. And you tell me that she had a terrible grief: she had a fire killed three children. And only this evil can select it from the crowd, from all similar to it, and rise above the others. That's exactly the same way and with the royal family. In Russia, there was another man who would have lost more than Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov in 1917. In fact, while he was ruler of the world, the master of the country, which almost won the first World War. A Tsarist Russia it certainly won and became the number one power in the world, and the emperor had big plans

No, not under the alien sky,
And not under the protection of alien wings—
I was with my people,
There, where my people unfortunately was …

In the night of 16 to 17 July, around the beginning of the third, Yurovsky awakened by the royal family. They were told that the city is restless, and therefore need to move to a safe place. About forty minutes later, when all were dressed and gathered, Jurowski, together with the prisoners went on the first floor and brought them to the basement room with? A barred window. All apparently were calm. The emperor carried on the hands of Alexis, the others were holding bags and other small things. At the request of the Empress's room brought two chairs, put them on the pillow, brought the grand duchesses and Anna Demidova. On chairs accommodated the Empress and Alexei Nikolaevich. The Emperor stood in the center next to the heir. The remaining family members and servants settled in different parts of the room and prepared to wait long – they are already accustomed to night alarms and all sorts of movements. Meanwhile, in the next room already crowded armed, awaiting the signal killer. At this point, Yurovsky went up quite close to the Emperor and said: "Nikolai, by order of the Ural Regional Council you will be shot with your family." This phrase was so unexpected to the King that he turned to the side of the family, extending to them the hand, then, as if to ask again, turned to the commandant, saying: "What? "What?" Empress and Olga wanted to cross. But at this moment Yurovsky shot the Tsar with a revolver close range several times, and he immediately fell down. Almost simultaneously, began to shoot all the rest – everyone knew in advance their victim.

Soon after it was announced the shooting of the Sovereign, the Holy Patriarch Tikhon blessed the bishops and pastors to make of it ceremony. Sam Holy 8 (21) July 1918 during a church service in the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow, said: "The other day a terrible thing happened: shot by a former emperor Nikolai … We must, in obedience to the teachings of God's word to condemn this matter, otherwise the blood would fall and shot at us, and not only those who committed it. We know that he renounced the throne, did it, referring to the benefit of Russia and of love for her. He could find himself after the abdication of security and a relatively calm life abroad, but did not do this, wanting to suffer along with Russia. He did nothing to improve their situation, the fate meekly obeyed.

In the Synodal Commission on Canonization received treatment ruling bishops, clergy and laity to support the canonization of the royal family – under some of these complaints were thousands of signatures. By the time the glorification of the Royal Martyrs have accumulated an enormous amount of evidence about their gracious assistance – about healing the sick, separated families connect, protect church assets from the dissenters, the mirotochenii icons with images of the Emperor Nicholas and the Royal martyrs of fragrance and appearance at the iconic Royal Martyrs likah blood spots color.

By Royal Martyrs many Christians are now treated with a prayer for strengthening families and raising children in faith and piety, to preserve their purity and chastity – in fact during the persecutions of the Imperial family was particularly close-knit, carried the invincible faith of the Orthodox through all the grief and suffering.

Memory of the holy martyr Emperor Nicholas, Empress Alexandra, and their faithful – Alexis, Olga, Tatianna, Maria, and Anastasia is committed on the day of the murder (4) 17 July, the day of congregational memory of martyrs and confessors Russian Jan. 25 (February 7), if this day coincides with a Sunday afternoon, but if not identical, then the next Sunday after 25 January (7 February).

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Russian Federation


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Russian Federation

Hallo Es gibt viele interessante Dinge sind, wird entwickle ich

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Russian Federation

Orthodox Church

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Russian Federation

If there is something interesting about Russia, ask questions.

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