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My Diary

Joey Leung

Hong Kong

Please see below and correct me the grammer . Is it correct?                                                                                                                    I I am on diet. I only ate vegetable and meat for dinner but there isn’t any oil and salt. I also drink tea every day. Even though that tea taste not very well. I don’t like it but I bought two packages at supermarket. Because it could reduce the weight. I hope to reduce 8kgs. Cheer Up!!!!!!!!

03:25 PM Jun 05 2007 |

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Are you Chinese. If not, maybe  you should try some Chinese food. It's very  tasty and healthy.

06:03 AM Jun 07 2007 |

Joey Leung

Hong Kong

Hi Jacey,

 I'm chinese. So, I ate more Chinese food. And you??? Thanks for your suggesttion.

11:01 AM Jun 07 2007 |



Hallo! Your diet don't  say anything special…poor Joey! If you want loose weight I could suggest you some other methode. If you are interested ask me! It works very well!

BYE Chicca 

10:23 PM Jun 07 2007 |



My mother ^^

09:13 AM Jun 08 2007 |

Joey Leung

Hong Kong

Hi Friend,

Have you got another suggest on diet? Would you please share with me.


10:41 AM Jun 08 2007 |

Rose dunstall

Viet Nam

hi! Is there anyone who are rushing for university exams! Exercises are piled up …And i need your advice! Thanks!!!

11:03 AM Jun 08 2007 |