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Toefl tips,advice help!


becmoonSuper Member!


I have to do Toefl exam and feel very nervous about fail.  Any tips to pass or not fail?Any other advice? Thankyou!

12:03 AM Jun 15 2010 |

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Ebaby! Admin

United States

We have just expanded our TOEFL section with lots of new tips and tricks for the TOEFL iBT listening, reading, writing and speaking sections, answers to the most popular TOEFL questions and more!

Check it out and let us know what you think! www.englishbaby.com/lessons/toefl

06:59 PM Jul 27 2010 |




I took the TOEFL test about 10 years ago.It was not a Computer-based test. I'm not so sure that the format of the test is still the same as it used to. For my TOEFL preparation, I just practiced until I was able to remember the pattern of questions and how to answer them.

And don't forget just to be relaxed Smile

02:19 AM Aug 13 2010 |