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what I have to do in order to forget a girl ?



she was my best friend she doesn't feel the same, and I don't want to think on her….I'm think that I'm wastin' my time…....she come back to my head again and over again….and I'm so tired, I need to break a routine…but I help some answer from another people….so please give and answer…

02:49 PM Jun 15 2010 |

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Just do something that would keep you busy from thinking about any nostalgic thoughts that might remind you of her. What do you usually like to do in your free time? Or you can go out with your friends and have some fun. You just need to get your mind off things and just forget. Life is too short to be wasted on feeling gloomy. Remember , you will find love again eventually. So keep your chin up =)

04:11 PM Jun 15 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

get a new one, easy.

09:33 PM Jun 15 2010 |

the last drop

Saudi Arabia

 to forget her you must do alot of things that will be instead you



10:56 PM Jun 15 2010 |



= ) thanks for all girls

01:05 AM Jun 16 2010 |


Russian Federation

You must change your life cardinal! Look for a new job, new house, new frienfs!Cool

03:01 AM Jun 16 2010 |



Viet Nam

If she is ur best friend , u will never forget her cause she is always in ur heart . But the importance here is that what position she is in ur heart . The place of love or the place of best friends ? U should know it clearly .

Forgetting someone considered as a best friend or an important person is really hard . However , I have an advice for u if u really want to forget her . Making u busier . If you are busy , u will have no time to think about anything else but work .


03:40 AM Jun 20 2010 |