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All out of love


Saudi Arabia

All Out Of Love

I'm lying alone with my head on the phone
Thinking of you till it hurts
I know you hurt too
But what else can we do
Tormented and torn apart
I wish I could carry your smile in my heart
For times when my life feels so low
It would make me believe
What tomorrow could bring
When today doesn't really know
I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you
I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong
I want you to come back and carry me home
Away from these long lonely nights
I'm reaching for you, are you feeling it too
Does the feeling seem oh so right
And what would you say if I called on you now
And said that I can't hold on
There's no easy way, it gets harder each day
Please love me or I'll be gone



09:50 AM Jun 23 2007 |

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Wow! That's beautiful!!! Really! Did you write that? God, you're really good!


10:34 PM Jun 23 2007 |



Thank you shuda for passing

yes,I pass through sad story or i can call it painful story but i thank god that i can pass it but it still effect me.

 thank you Michellita but not me who write this poem but i have a lot of poems that i write them and i can show you later.


08:49 PM Jun 24 2007 |




Really good and a little sweet sorrow.I think people can not write so beautiful poem unless he experienced it by himself.maybe you get your true love or lost your lover!

12:21 AM Jun 25 2007 |



Yes, i get  a real love and i was happy of it but i lost my lover and he went away and i don,t know if he still love me or not

but i hope by the time i could forget him


Thank you for passing

09:17 PM Jun 25 2007 |




"All out of love" is the name of one song,and that is its lyric.

05:35 AM Jun 26 2007 |



I don,t Know .I see this poem in one of the forums ,i like it and then i convey it for you


02:06 AM Jun 27 2007 |



any girl like to be my freind

08:37 AM Jun 27 2007 |



Where are you from abbas?

04:57 AM Jun 28 2007 |




i'm a really familiar with that lyrics, it came from the songs of air supply right?

05:09 AM Jun 28 2007 |



is that an english song's lyrics? which website can listen this song

08:03 AM Jul 01 2007 |