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Hi everyone,

im looking for someone to talk english with, via icq or email, a native english speaker would be great, but it isn't necessary.

Im a 20 years old male from germany/eu 

if anyone is interested, just write me! 

11:29 AM Jun 28 2007 |

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

hello…......my friends ….raja and mond..iam from saudi ,i study english and i want to improve my english with you …..how can i send my email to you?................... thanx

03:14 AM Jul 01 2007 |



i am an english fool,who want to be friends with me?

04:52 AM Jul 01 2007 |




I came across a site (englishatease.com) which has graphics animation courses for English. We can view the demos before buying courses. and the courses are based on different levels. Price is also very affordable. You can improve your listening and speaking skills.

06:06 AM Sep 06 2013 |