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I need help for my assigment

Shinichi Lover



 I have an assigment and I need help

the assigment is : Explain the impact of money supply in Bahrain on foreign trade

plz if any one have information can help me

04:06 PM Aug 09 2010 |

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miss blue

miss blue


oh I am sorry i cannot help you in your assignment =(

 I have no information about this -> i am improving my english too


i wish you can find who can help you soon 


05:01 PM Aug 09 2010 |



United States

This is an economics question.  There is only a limited amount of money which can be used to buy and sell.  Foreign trade implies either that foreign goods are bought with local money (import) or that locally made goods are sold to people overseas in exchange for their money (export).

I would start by using the World Factbook to determine what Bahrain buys and sells. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ba.html

According to this summary from the US Government, the country sells mostly oil (60%) and aluminum.  However the country needs to import natural gas to make more aluminum.  There is also a note that Bahrain is a major Islamic banking center, which explains the importance of the question to your country's future.

04:12 AM Aug 14 2010 |