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Do You Know What "Fast" Mean In Islam ? And WHY ?



Hello Every Body


Tomorrow is the first day Of Ramadan …


Ramadan Is a Month In Islamic calender .. This Month All The Muslims People Should take FAST 


Q: What Fast Mean ?

A:  Fast Mean`s That A person Could Not EAT OR Drink Any thing .. From Sunrise Until Sunset .. Its About 14 To 17 Hours in the day


So its Duty for any muslim person to fast in This month .. and its mean that we fast 30 days in the year .. maybe more if the person want to fast another days



 well there is many reason to make it clear :


first : in islam we don`t have a Hi class Social OR categories for people .. all the people are Equal & Balanced .. So our Religion say that you should Fast To KNOW And Feeling What The poor people feeling in all year .. so in this month we make banquet and invite all poor&reach people to came and FAST BREAKING in our Banquet


Second : as I said in Isalm we don`t have class social or not .. All People Is one .. They Pray together and go PILGRIMAGE (Hajj) together And Fast together too .. so we feeling that all people like Us And No One is Better than another even he is Rich Or king or Minister Or even President .. they Pray And Pilgrimage And Fast Together and they are not better than another people


Third : the scientific is proved that the body is need some REST From Eat And Drink all the time and every day and the kidney & liver & Digestion System are Need Some Rest In Some Days .. Bcoz Its Like All The things in the world ( need Rest ) even us .. when we sleep they work and work and never had a rest .. so in this month they doesn`t work hardly like all the Year



this is a simple explication i wrote it to all EB members to make an idea about Fast In Islam


C u In another Subject 



09:32 PM Aug 10 2010 |

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United Kingdom

have an easy fast

10:30 PM Aug 10 2010 |

miss blue

miss blue


ya actually i know what does fast mean in islam 

and tomorrow is the first day , by the way , "ramadan kareem"

but if u excuse for me, i want to add one more point about fasting


people should not do gossips or say bad words to keep their fasting true, ( it is not allowed in islam to do that)


great post i liked it =) 

11:23 PM Aug 10 2010 |

abduallah sead

Saudi Arabia

i studied it during the lesson  of five pillars of Islam  

07:26 PM Aug 11 2010 |



ramadan kareem for every one


 thnx miss blue .. for your comments 


but the point that you said is from requirement of fast ( a7kam al isalm ) not An answer for Why we should fast


thnx any way


01:08 PM Aug 13 2010 |

miss blue

miss blue


yeah u r right =)...


forgive me =) 

05:31 PM Aug 13 2010 |




Thank you for your shared ..

i understand it now.._

01:55 PM Aug 14 2010 |



Miss blue. Shokran 3ala el mosharaka any way
Tar-youn. U r wellcome

05:17 PM Aug 14 2010 |



thnx for the info sir.. nowi know whats the meaning of it..

09:43 AM Aug 17 2010 |



thanx for sharing such information ..

just to add something on this spirirtual holy month its also the month of quran we all muslims read the holy quran on this month specially in a comptiton way b/n us so we can finish it all & that mskes you feel that ur closer to ALLAH:)

11:16 AM Aug 19 2010 |