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help picking english school in USA


becmoonSuper Member!


i want to study english in america but how do i pick the best school?????  any ideas?  how much will it cost me etc,,,

05:23 PM Sep 23 2010 |

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United States

Hi Becmoon.

Go to http://www.admissionsbridge.com/courses/all?field_course_category_value=All&field_visa_value_many_to_one=All&field_course_duration_value=&field_course_hours_per_week_value=&field_course_price_value=10000&field_school_city_nid=All&title=

We offer over 1000 courses in multiple locations in the United States.  With our experienced counselor, we can help you to find the most appropriate course!

Feel free to email me at for further questions.


03:23 PM Sep 24 2010 |




I would like to study there to! Where do you like to study? I found some cool schools on the page Learn English

06:36 PM Sep 28 2010 |