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"REPORTING ABUSE" on others thread is for cowards !!!



Wwhat do you think about reporting abuse on your own thread,just because the reporter doesn't like in mood today,or after he tries to corrupt your thread…Howaver these coward attempt keep happening here and there and the question is:

OMG.jpg OMG image by chilipalmer99 

Does this report abuse button gives advantages more or less ? what's your evaluation to "report abuse button" ?

12:09 PM Oct 09 2010 |

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In my opinion this "report abuse" is THE BIGGEST ABUSE EVER,why ?

Because if you want to abuse somebody by words he might have the right to answer or even defend him self,but if you just delete HIS thread that will make it worse,just let everybody express him self as new terms democracy calls "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"

I'm sure the foundation of such an opition has farthe perspectives . andI hope this thread will not be reported as well xD

Actually if this thread was reported,I'm sure of whom it will be "EBABY administration !" ;)

02:20 PM Oct 09 2010 |



Do u see any morally weak people here ?! and if they exist it's up to others to repond them and stop them…actually I don't know what might be posted as an immoral issue !!!

I think it is wiser to let discussions take its way and it will end in a way or another.

Personally I got abused many times and yes I reported abuse button,but I found I was the looser.I couldn't justify my self,I couldn't proove I was right,and the discussion ended without comming back in the picture that I am the wrong one,while the reporter loses nothing in the end.


07:59 PM Oct 09 2010 |




Your talk seems very reasonable.and I agree with you in most of it.

but don't you think that your own freedom in expressing your own ideas (of course with no insult or offence to others) is just been abused when some unknown body deletes it at least,the admin should denote who reported you post or try to see what they are going to delete and if that really deserves to be deleted or not before they do it !

As you said religion is the delicate target.but then why  not delete every thread insults religion immediately ?,why letting people get enough fight then you see the thread deleted ?!

Wwhat I say,is Repoting abuse Button should not be left for anyone to mess with it.indeed it is good for saving peace here but sometimes it makes alot of grudges instead and sometimes it even turns to a war of reporting abuse between some members !

and I suggest that Ebaby admin ONLY should be responsible for deleting threads.

WHY not to make "complaint button" and when a certain number of complains reach on that thread they just delete it ! this is more organized work rather than letting the door open for everyone who wants to mess.



08:35 PM Oct 09 2010 |




Got your point,

I partially agree.don't you think now that whao has his thread deleted will not post it or worse than it another time ? Ithink that will make him more daring to such acts.

I think there are many other options rather than just trying to ignore the matter a pass it by,simply because it will keep hapenning,this is not something you can handle simply by deleting,it needs a more rational way…

I don't think there exists this KNOW IT ALL you're talking about.HOW TO DEAL WITH IT.

Personally I can't keep everytime I get here and find something doesn't fit me,because I'm not in mood then I just repot it as ABUSE.


02:46 PM Oct 10 2010 |



And as it has become obvious to everyone here.Islam the delicate target to certain people here,there were many threads deleted (not from me) that insulted Islam and the prophet Mohammad pbuh.

what did that change ? absolutely nothing !

But when my friends decided not to report those threads and just respond to them RATIONALLY,the poster has just felt ashamed and stoped posting threads insulting Islam because everybody in eEBABY stood on his face not only Muslims and I'm ready to give you his name too "Mike Gwen" FROM INDONESIA.

What do we learn from this ?!

The best way to deal with a problem is to face it,because ignoring it will just make it grows and grows until it becomes a TROUBLE.

02:53 PM Oct 10 2010 |




I know silence sometimes is wiser than speaking as the proverb says "Silence is the perfect answer to a fool"

I'm quite certain of the validity of this option but here I'm not concerned with the people who are offending Islam personally.but I respond worrying about the neutral viewers who do not know about Islam but what


03:34 PM Oct 10 2010 |



I was saying:

...but what they see and hear from the false media.

And I do not offend others religion but I just keep replying as properly as I can evading any insults to their religion.

Actually I rarely if never get involved in such offensive issues ONLY if it concerns my Religion which I glorify.

03:41 PM Oct 10 2010 |



United States

Hi Messy Gal,

I totally agree with you.No one is obligated to read or listen to another one absurdity.There is freedom of speech, that is right, BUT you have to be polite and respect others.   This site was created in order us learn English better not to fight here. You like to fight or argue GO to another kind of sites.  The Administrator of this site KNOWS the best the policy.  All of us we have respect and consideration each other.God bless you all!!!


06:42 PM Oct 18 2010 |





I respect your point of view and I'm sure,I'm not completely opposing Report abuse Button.I just want to shed the light upon the negative sides…well,perhaps the Title of this thread was a bit abusive,it should've been "what do you think of report abuse button?!"

Anyway,I don't like to  be kinda stubborn person,so,I'll accept that "report abuse" is better for keeping peace and harmony here :)



I did not post this thread to deffend fighting and disrespect here _and I'm not practising that anyway_I meant the negative use of "report abuse" and I already gave my suggestions above for this…

So…thank you all for you really important views,May Aallah bless you all ;)

07:19 PM Oct 18 2010 |