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Are you addicted to something ? come here and share your story

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

Hey there!

   Are you addicted to something? Let's examine our lives and see if we are addicted to something. We know that some people are addicted to Heroine and cocaine but this is not what i mean.

 First , let's define what the word addiction means. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary , addiction is persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful. So , it is a compulsive behavior . You just can't help it.

Addiction is taking different forms now. You may be addicted to checking your emails ( maybe three times a day or more ) . You may be addicted to MSN, spending 2 hours or more on it everyday. You may be addicted to checking forums posts. I heard about  this kind of addiction. Someone just could not stop posting and checking other people posts . Horrible Cry  ( I heard that he died on his chair ! )

Also, you may be addicted to English,baby ! Refreshing the page to see  new posts.


Speaking of myself, I usually become addicted to something for a period of time, especially on vacations and holidays Surprised. These days, i am addicted to checking my hotmail to see if there is any new email coming. Haha let me tell you. I am not an important person and all my emails are newsletters. Ha funny !


Let me see if any of you is addicted to something and what is it? Do you have any ideas how to stop this addiction? Is it harmful to you? Is there any bad consequences for this bad habit?

11:22 AM Nov 16 2010 |

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Nicte ha

Nicte ha


im addict to job, and to drink coffee, but once i found a religion where there is a big sin to drink coffee, so i quit …., the religion.


08:42 PM Nov 16 2010 |

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

Some people are addicted to Facebook. Some people are also addicted to their cell phones ,holding it up every other hour to see if there is any new messages. It is more of a compulsive behavior that you just can't stop it. I am addicted to cappuccino but i am fine with it. I know it is not healthy but it helps clear up my head . Other addictions, like checking emails and stuff like that are just time and energy consuming !


I have read somewhere about this powerful method to overcome addiction. It is called mental equivalence. You can't break a bad habit by just deciding to do so . More often than not, we fail in our attempts because we chose to focus more on the bad habit. Instead you must think and focus you attention on something else. For example.  if i ask you now not to think of a small white elephant !! Chances are that an image of a small white elephant came up on your mind ! The same thing goes to addiction. If we remind ourselves that we have to stop , we have to stop , we focus our attention more on that bad habit ! The solution to that is just by focusing your attention on something else. If you are addicted to checking your emails, try to get addicted to Facebook. Chances are that you will forget about checking emails. The most important thing is to think of something that is interesting to you; something you know you will enjoy .

09:46 PM Nov 16 2010 |



United Kingdom

I'm addicted to the internet.  I often find myself spending hours at a time looking at things i have no interest in.  If I'm playing a muliplayer games, that's it, I can stay online into the small hours of the morning.  

Ben's blog

09:04 AM Nov 17 2010 |



Recently,I found I'm addicted to gambling and "PS two".That made me puzzled on my study.So I want to change the situation now and try to have a good attitude to my study.

03:35 PM Nov 17 2010 |




I'm addicted to hot chocolate, iced coffee and clothes :D adn books too btw

10:47 PM Nov 18 2010 |



i'm addicted to qq. at first, i will open the computer and click the qq  when i go home. and then i will open the qq farm, go to harvest the crop. this is a bored  qq game , but everyone like to play it .actually i'm often copulsive myself go to watch the door ,make sure the door have closed..

i spend a lot of time online, i'm addicted to see the animatione…and very very like it!!!! so i'm not good at sport..

11:00 AM Nov 23 2010 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am addicted to E BABY….......................I love englishbaby.

08:40 PM Nov 23 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I have a horrible addiction :P all coz of my  free time :P which is sleeeping it is really awful :S

some time ago I was addicted to reading books any kind of books :) it was nice and enjoyable but now not so interested 

I also was addicted to reading news and following news sites but now it not that much ….


03:58 AM Nov 24 2010 |




i addict to buy clothes 

08:37 AM Nov 27 2010 |