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How do I retrieve all the answers for all slangs!!


United States

Dear Pals,

I normally save all emails I receive from Egnlish baby as I don’t have time to check the answers for slangs and I thought I would be able to check the answers later on. However, when I go back to my old email and clik the link to check the answers, it turns out that the latest answer pops up for the most recent slang in the emil I’ve just received.

How do i retrieve all the answers for for old slangs?

Thanks in advance.

08:15 PM Mar 01 2004 |

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United States

I am talking about the SLANG I receive in the email from English Baby !!!!!! I just wanted to retrieve the answers for all email( SLANG ). I have problems retrieving all those answers for those old emails (SLANG ) from English Baby.

How do I go about it????

Plase help me how to retrieve those answers from ENGLISH BABY website ?


11:39 PM Mar 01 2004 |