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All I have to do is wash the dishes?


United States

I’d like to ask you a grammar question.
Which one is gramatically corret?

All I have to do is wash the dishes.
All I have to do is to wash the dishes.

If the first is right one, I’d also like to know the reason.

Thanks for your help~

08:15 AM Mar 29 2004 |

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United States

well, I think the second one is corrent though. for the first one, it would be correct if u change “wash” to “washing”, “is” should be followed by either n. or prep.

10:20 PM Mar 30 2004 |


United States

Thanks for your kind answers! :-)

03:22 PM Mar 31 2004 |


United States

so native english speakers don’t really abide by the grammar rules when they are speaking, it doesn’t matter if u use do, did or does etc right?

11:02 PM Apr 01 2004 |