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I can help to improve your english



hi..I really love to help those people who wants to improve their english…if your like just send me an email…at the same time I'm looking for a friend who can teach me japanese, chinese and korean…thanks I'll be waiting for you emailWink

05:03 AM Jul 28 2007 |

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well, i want to learn English, But am not know about Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

our native language is URDU, if you want to learn it, am waiting for you!

05:18 AM Jul 28 2007 |



Hey, Gracel! You are interested in Chinese? That's great! I think we can be language exchange partners. I am willing to share with you about Chinese language and culture. By the way, i'm going to work as a part-time Chinese teacher in September. My only student is a Korean boy and we can communicate only by English. I really need you help:)

03:50 PM Jul 28 2007 |



Hey, Grace! It's my first practice experience.. talk to other with English. I hope you will be my friend in English. But, I am very sorry, I can't help you. I am an Indonesian…so if you want to go to Bali and you like to know how Indonesia.. I can help you

02:56 AM Jul 30 2007 |



I can help you in Chinese, haha… and know little Janpanese.

So, If you have interests, pls write to me. I will teach you to speak Chinese.


03:53 AM Jul 30 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi this is my yahoo id:hsn_shr

and my email:

im 25,married from iran,and found of english

i would be sooo pleased to be one of your friend

so long


09:24 AM Jul 30 2007 |



South Korea


I`m Harry from Korea. ^^

I can speak koran and chinese. I studied in china for one year. could you like to help studying english for me?


ps. msn : dust570 AT hotmail DOT com

     blog : HTTP: // dust570 DOT spaces DOT live DOT com

07:20 AM Jul 31 2007 |



my email;.i’m soukayna from morocco.ok

12:27 PM Jul 31 2007 |


Viet Nam

hi gracel, I'm Vietnamese.I see you want to learn an Asian language.Right? So can we exchange laguage and help each other?

08:08 PM Aug 02 2007 |