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I am from Argentina looking for people to practice my English! Who want to be my friend? pleaseeeeee! =)

04:20 PM Apr 24 2011 |

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i want to practice my oral English, who want to be together?

03:24 AM Jun 30 2016 |



Hi everybody,

my skype id is “cathyluya78”, pls feel free to contact me.I  engaged in foreign trade work…waiting for u

06:18 AM Jul 11 2016 |


Tanzania, United Republic Of

hello am fluently both in writing and spoken english…looking for friends from Russian and chinees so that we can chart direect thouh skype and i promise to help thenm in english hope they will speak well

my skype ID

text me with greetings i will assept you

12:02 PM Aug 02 2017 |



Hi there,

This is Hussain and i am fom Pakistan. Anyone who wanna be freind or practice English can contact me at Skype. this is my skyeid(shahbazz4k).


10:27 AM Jul 06 2019 |



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01:23 PM Sep 06 2019 |



Hi, i am more less comfortable with brittish eng. Voice I mean. However USA and other dialects make me Klappe aus(german) = Valve off :( . It would be grate to find somebody for exercise to fix that. By the way Latvian girls are very beautifull, might be  most beautifull in this world. We can discuss that metter in eng ;) heh. 

I am not russian, but my russian skills are close to native speaker skill level. So it could be the return benefit for those that learn russian at the moment

03:29 PM Feb 08 2020 |

A. Ameer Makki


hi learners

if you are interested in chatting through skype. just add me my skype id is  


good luck to you all

05:09 PM Feb 16 2020 |


Lasica91Super Member!


hello, anybody wants to talk through skype? Please send me a private message! We can talk or chat :)

09:17 PM Apr 08 2020 |