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do you believe  god is exist


07:18 AM Jun 04 2011 |

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12:51 PM Jun 04 2011 |



Sometime yes sometime no, i like  figure like Jesus and Saint Michael Archangel

03:56 PM Jun 04 2011 |



I believe

02:38 AM Jun 05 2011 |


United States

I`m interested in different religions, sometimes buy different custom essays about them and read with pleasure

09:03 AM Jun 05 2011 |

eme soul

eme soul

United Arab Emirates

Sure I believe..

Dear moonfortune hope you read more about ISLAM you will find your Happiness,and you will feel Comfortable all time because Allah(God) is with you.

ISLAM: What do you know about it?


Allah’s existence


Wish you all the best.


12:57 PM Jun 05 2011 |




Maybe it doesn’t even matter whether or not God exists! Of course there are so – called “God – proofs” saying that there must be some divine creature out there.

For example they say that since there are beautiful, mighty etc. things out there, there must be something that is the most beautiful, the mightiest etc. – which we call God.

For example they say that since there still are unexplainable things out there although  our technology is so well – developed, there may be something supernatural in the world.

For example they say that since so many cultures have more or less the same imagination of God, although they never entered in contact with each other, there may be something about this God or whatever we call it.

For example there are people who already claimed to have an experience of God and when they got asked about it, they suddenly were able to answer questions, they would never have been able to answer without this experience.

Apart from that there are so – called miracles that have something to do with religion: For example a statue of the virgin Mary crying tears of real blood or Bernadette Soubirous -  a Catholic nun whose body never decayed although she died a lot of decades ago. Mrs. Soubirous claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary and when they asked her questions about this meeting, she could tell them things about the Virgin Mary she actually couldn’t have known. They never were able to prove that this “crying” of the statue was somehow man – made, just as they never could prove that the mummification of the nun got caused by men.

 Of course an atheist who just can’t believe in God – no matter how hard he tries – will try to explain this scientifically, while someone religious who just wants to have a proof to show it to non – religious people, may consider this to be something supernatural and divine.

Fact is that we can’t prove the existence of God as we can prove the existence of some gas for example. Nor can you prove scientifically that supernatural things do not exist the way scientists are able to prove that a certain gas doesn’t exist in a certain area. However I think it even is better this way. A faith that is based on a scientific proof of God’s existence isn’t real faith anymore. Scientifically – seen we can’t prove anything that has to do with religion. At first sight this may sound disappointing, but if you look closer, you may see the positive things about this, too: I know atheists who don’t tolerate and even insult religious people, just as I know religious people who are intolerant towards atheists or people just having not the same religious opinion as them. The fact that we can’t prove anything in this discussion, should tell us to be tolerant and not dogmatic. I’m not against discussions dealing with religion and in some cases it even is necessary to discuss and defend your point of view, but by insulting non – Christians ( just to give you an example ) a Christian will never win people for his religious opinion, just as an atheist will only make religious people sad or angry by insulting them. As I said before to me it doesn’t really matter whether or not the God I believe in exists. Some people just need their faith to go on with their lives. They need hope when once they lie in their bed to die. Here science doesn’t matter! Faith gives them hope to go on. It comforts them in their final hour – when nothing else can comfort them anymore. It gives them rules to prevent them from just following anything others try to convince them of and perhaps even from just loosing themselves and perhaps starting to drink, to go to rack and ruin and perhaps to forget about all rules and morality. Here God seems to have the function of some kind of framework: Firstly he prevents them from falling, i.e. from giving up on everything that should matter to every average person by giving them the necessary strength. Secondly he prevents people from deforming, i.e. from behaving bad, because perhaps his surroundings inspire this individual to do so. Whether or not you will get rewarded for sticking to this “framework” in paradise doesn’t matter here, because…you actually will never find out, since every religion says that you will enter heaven after your death.

07:14 AM Jun 07 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

and  why  u think  im not taken easy?

i dont  know  if there was something bothering you

ok   u say  that   he  she   greatness

    Therefore is UNAbLE  to appear ?

04:30 PM Jun 08 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

Allah =Means “The Only One to be Worshipped”

isnt  means   god ?

But the painter is    existu 


u  stile  not answer  

 u say  that   he  she   greatness

    Therefore is UNAbLE  to appear ?

12:14 PM Jun 09 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

No but  did    amswer  in why  he     not appear 

 u said  that  god is  greatness

 is  int  greatness mean  capable of everything 
 so  why  not appear ?

03:18 PM Jun 09 2011 |