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According to the Islamic doctrine we all descend from the first human being, the Prophet Adam, and his wife Hawwa (Eve). Time and again Allah sent prophets to mankind (Qur’an 43:7; 3:163-165), and one of those prophets was Abraham (peace be upon him). Abraham (pbuh) is regarded as the forefather of all monotheists (Jews, Christians, and Muslims). Thus, our community’s name is a clear reference to Abraham. For the word “Milli” in IGMG (Islamic Community of Milli Görüş) traces back to the Qur’anic notion of “Millet” which often appears in association with the Prophet Abraham. The idea behind “Milli Görüş” is expressed in several verses of the Qur’an: “…the community/way of Abraham (milletu Ibrahim) …” (Qur’an 16:123; 3:95; 4:125)   As stated by the Qur’an the concept of “Millet” denotes a community that gathers around a prophet and the values he conveys. It does not refer to a nation or an ethnicity. What is essential are the values, ideals, and traditions that constitute a community. Thus the Qur’an speaks of “milletu Ibrahim”, of the community of Abraham, in conjunction with all other prophets who came after Abraham and their congregations as well.   The second element of our community’s name “Görüş” means “opinion”, “view” or “perception”.   By the name “Milli Görüş” the IGMG attests its affiliation to the views and perceptions of the Abrahamitic community. The IGMG is a religious community that follows the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) path. Thus, pivotal for its activities are values such as justice, mercy, awe of the creator, and the equality of human beings before Him. It is the tradition of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and especially of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that deliver the guidance for IGMG’s work.   For that reason no connection whatsoever should be made with the Turkish meaning of the word “millet”, i.e. “people” or “nation”.

08:20 AM Jun 28 2011 |



United States

I’m not sure what all this may refer to, but if I read you right, you are espousing a community of those faiths which honor Abraham? I think that wise. I worship the One God who is our Creator through Adam. In all of my worship I seek to please our Creator. I believe that Jesus is the Christ whose coming was foretold by the prophets for the redemption of Man. I recognize that you too love the same Creator and at Judgment, if I am allowed to do so, I will beg the Christ Jesus to give you an opportunity to accept mercy. I only ask the same of you should my beliefs fail to please our Creator. Maybe you can clear up some what you’re looking for here?

10:19 PM Jun 30 2011 |



Mili Gorus is being under surveilance by the Constitution Protection Agency here for anti-democratic and anti-constitutional work (attacking freedom of religion, death threats, anti-semitism, homophobia, racism …). It’s also suspected to have islamic extremist connections. So … if they go a step further they’re officially a terrorist organization. If I remember right they’re also connected to this weird grey wolves organization.

09:06 PM Jul 01 2011 |



United States

Thank you for telling me. It is sad that we can’t come together without subversion.

07:37 PM Jul 02 2011 |