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I would like to ask a question: get up for two hours

silent walker


I would like to ask a question:

Is it acceptable if I say "You can get up for two hours each day"?

   (I'm new here. And it is a little difficult for me to ask questions in English. Do help me, please.)



04:10 AM Aug 05 2007 |

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silent walker


yes.The doctor says,"You have to stay at home for another two days.But you can get up for two hours each day."

 Is get a momentory verb? Can it be used with for two hours?

And can we say "He has gone for two hours"?

My teacher tell us that it is wrong to use momentory verbs with a period of time.

I'm totally confused. Could you explain that?

Thank you

05:42 AM Aug 05 2007 |

silent walker


so this action can't last, right?

06:27 AM Aug 05 2007 |

silent walker


thank you for giving the good examples.now I understand the momentory verb.

I understan the examples mentioned above about "get up".
get up earlier/ get up at six o'clock

But it seemes stange to see the sentence in "New Concept English" by L.G. Alexander 

Lesson 63 in the first book:

S:He's better.
2 T:Can the doctor see him?
S:Yes, he can.
3 T:Does Jimmy look very well today?
S:Yes, he does.
4 T:Can Jimmy get up now?
S:No, he mustn't get up yet.
5 T:How long must he stay in bed?
S:He must stay in bed for another two days.
6 T:Can Jimmy go to school now?
S:No, he mustn't go to school yet.
7 T:Can he get up?
S:Yes, he can get up for about two hours each day.
8 T:What must Mrs. Williams do ?
S:She must keep the room warm.
9 T:Where's Mr. Williams this evening?
S:He's in bed.
10 T:Why is Mr. Williams in bed?
S:He has a bad cold.


07:29 AM Aug 05 2007 |

silent walker


Thank you very much. I think I've understand.I'm glad to meet you here.



03:23 PM Aug 10 2007 |