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Madison Ave. Brainwash


United States

hey, guys, I wonder if anybody know what “Madison Ave. Brainwash” is about,my professor kept mentioning it in my philosophy class. Thanks a lot!!!

10:54 PM Jul 15 2004 |

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United States

I’m not sure, you can ask him, but I’m fairly certain it refers to advertising. People are constantly exposed to different forms of advertising, especially on TV. Everyone wants you to buy something they are selling. Madison Ave. in New York is home to some of the largest advertising agencies. So wheh he says Madison Ave. brainwash he is being sarcastic, implying that people hear about somethinig so often that it sticks in their brain and they likely would submit to whatever was being asked of them, when in fact it really may not be good or appropriate for them.

Your friend, Bill

05:38 PM Jul 23 2004 |