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is there anyone can help me please?



hi guys, i am rida from indonesian. i am a student. i have a problem about presentation or public speaking. every time i have to speak in front of the class to present something before my classmate, i am always nervous. i do not know what to say. i lose my self confidence. i feel bad about it. well, actually among friends i can speak more freely and confidently. the problem comes when i have to speak up in front of the class and all of sudden everything that i have prepared disappeared. is there anyone can help me, please? thanks in advance Smile

09:30 AM Aug 21 2007 |

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i will try to help u dear.

try to think that no one will laugh at u when u are taking classes.just concentrate on subject and ur sound.look at the back wall,or select ur best friend to look at.

try to beliv that u are alone in that class room and only god is there to hear u.i think this will work good

imp thing is that be confident about ur strength

09:35 AM Aug 21 2007 |



thanks a lot sweety bubbly, you are very nice Smile well, i try my best to be more confident. i know it is difficult to do but i will try. sweety (can i call you sweety or …?) do you believe that public speaking is a talent and not a skill so that not everybody has an ability to speak convincingly in front of many people? 

09:44 AM Aug 21 2007 |



dear noting is impossible.if we have a will then there is a way…....

try try try n try if u didnt suceed then do one thing try once more…..we wont get anything without a hard work.

my name s aswathy,u can call me "achu"—-my nick name…........

i lov to have friends like you.

tell me more abt you dear

10:19 AM Aug 21 2007 |



Sri Lanka

Hi there Rida,

What is the difference between During and while? ,

here i would like to answer your question, First of all let me say that 'DURING' is a preposition and 'WHILE' is a conjunction.

The words During and while have similar meanings but are used differently grammatically. here i would like to share some very basic explanation…

The word during is followed by a noun or noun phrase: DURING my vacation in Sri Lanka i made lots of friends.

The word WHILE is followed by a clause (subject+verb): WHILE i was in Sri Lankai made lots of friends.

 You would also use WHILE in cases where a clause is understood, but some of the words have been omitted: WHILE in Sri Lanka i made lots of friends.

here you go for more…

We met DURING the Eid holidays.

I learned English WHILE i was working in a Oil Company in Saudi Arabia.

It happened WHILE i was out.

It happened DURING my lunch break.

It happened DURING the flooding.

I fall asleep DURING the film.

I fall asleep WHILE i was watching the film.

We had a lot of trouble DURING the journey.

WHILE working there, i met some really nice people.

i hope it may good enough to clear your confution ya?

thanks for asking at englishbaby…

Good Luck to us…


10:22 AM Aug 21 2007 |



I want to learn english pls help me

10:39 AM Aug 21 2007 |



i love to have a friend like you too. well, my name is Farida, but my friends call me, Rida. i live in Bandung, the capital city of west java, one of the provinces of Indonesia. have you ever been to Indonesia? i am a college student. i am interested in learning English because i think the use of English is getting important nowadays in Indonesia. many job vacancies require persons who are able to communicate well in English; both written and spoken. what about in your country? anyway, have you got job already? 

please tell me more about you too. hoping that we can be friend Smile


01:14 PM Aug 24 2007 |



well, your explanation is very easy to understand. thank you very much. anyway, you are very good at explaining something. are you a teacher Ilyasma? it is nice to have a friend like  you Smile

01:18 PM Aug 24 2007 |



i am learning English too. so, what about learning English together? isn't it nice to have friends at the same time learning English too Smile. well, Shakil,  I am  an Indonesian student. what about  you?

01:22 PM Aug 24 2007 |



to have a friend is always nice and enjoyable.

to have a friend means sharing joy and happiness together

to have a friend also means to listen and to give advice

to have a friend is to accompany in sad and sorrow

to have a friend is indeed always nice and enjoyable

so let's make friends from all over the world :)



08:28 AM Aug 27 2007 |