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fire in my belly


United States

hey pals,

my questions are:

1. what does “she is the fire in my belly” mean?

2. what does “paper covers rock” mean?

3. My boss asked me to call a client and make an appointment with her. Basically, my boss’s schedule is all open, and it is up to the client’s availability. In a more professional manner, how should I tell the client? I mean, I certainly can’t say “well, it’s all open, it’s up to you.”cuz it sounds rude and unprofessional, right?

Thanks a lot!!

05:16 AM Aug 11 2004 |

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Accord the third question ,I think , you can firstly give the client sevaral schedule, if he is not free at that time, you can let him give you a schedule.
It is strictly of some my thoughts for you to reference .

01:25 AM Aug 12 2004 |



United States

1. Fire in my belly – She is my heart and soul; the think that keeps me going in a positive direction.
(What happens when a fire goes out?)

2. This refers to a game people sometimes play. It’s called Paper,Scissors, Rock, or Rock paper, scisssors, I’m not sure. It’s a game of elimination.Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock breaks scissors. Difficult to explain the game on the internet.

3. My bosses schedule is completely open, so the time and date should be according to your availability. What is your preference?

Hope this helps you.

05:47 PM Aug 12 2004 |