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Hello everyone! Smile

I am teaching English as a second language through the INTERNET for nearly two years now and I should say that I had a wonderful experience teaching Koreans in YBM -Sisa. I am also presently teaching Chinese and Japanese. All lessons are conducted through www.skype.com or Internet Phone which is more known as the Phone English.

I can deal with students from different levels, from grade school students to professionals.

 For a beginner, I got great teaching lessons that is guaranteed to be efficient yet fun and easy. Listening, reading comprehension, pronunciation and vocabulary are my main focus. For intermediate and advanced, my focus is more about grammar, open conversation and Business english as well.

I am good at writing essay and directing students when exchanging in a formal conversation, familiarizing technical terms in Business English, introducing IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and TESOL.

 Eglish class are conducted through www.skype.cm

Class Duration:

  • 30 minutes – Monday to Friday
  • 1 hour – Monday to Friday

If you are interested, you can reach me through:


  • Skype ID: juliet.craig


12:45 AM Aug 28 2007 |

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South Korea

It's kinda advertisement?

01:13 AM Aug 28 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


It is an advertisement and it's badly written so I'm not sure how good this person's lessons would be. It's a shame that someone has to come to a FREE site and advertise themselves to do the same thing for money. My suggestion is to beware! If we can report emails as spam, we should be able to report posts such as these as spam too.

10:04 AM Aug 28 2007 |



i want to speak like a British and not like an American.

10:12 AM Aug 28 2007 |




hi well it s long time i use the skype and join skypecast but to tell the truth i ve never met you.anyway, i want to know whether ur courses on skype are paid or free???thank you so much

03:23 PM Aug 28 2007 |




i forgot to add that i want to learn english but speak like british not americans

03:24 PM Aug 28 2007 |




i forgot to add that i want to learn english but speak like british not americans

03:25 PM Aug 28 2007 |



same here zahra

07:03 PM Aug 28 2007 |




this is the advertisement:(

but people can improve their english ability free of charge,why they pay for ıt:)))

08:20 PM Aug 29 2007 |