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wish to be your friend



hi,i'm a Chinese girl.wish to be your friend.i want to practise english, and i will help your chinese.contact me by bye!

01:46 AM Sep 10 2007 |

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Viet Nam

hi lily 

how are you today!

i am very happy if i can make a friend

see you latest

we can practist our english skill 

09:16 AM Sep 10 2007 |



hi,taoconco1 ,are you also a chinese girl? nice to meet you. if you like,we can chat.i am  live in a beautiful seaside city.called yantai  and you?

09:34 AM Sep 10 2007 |

Louis Letta

Tanzania, United Republic Of

 I am aTANZANIAN English learner and teacher. I like english and i hope i will improve it through our friendship if you accept me . Contact me through


03:35 PM Sep 10 2007 |


Viet Nam

hi lily

i am a vietnamese, it is very nice to make a friend with  you,

i thinks english is very good nowaday 

01:07 AM Sep 11 2007 |


Viet Nam

hi Louis Letta

how are  you today, i am very happy to make everyone

we speak anything in the world

are you agree with me

see you soon,

good luck to you


01:11 AM Sep 11 2007 |



hi, thank , it will be nice to have as afrind and cahting with u

07:49 AM Sep 12 2007 |

Louis Letta

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Hello don't worry i am ready to be your friend, i hope to learn english more  from you. idon't mind if you correct me when i make mistakes. tYou know in T ANZANIA the natIonal language is kiswahili  ENGLISH IS MOSTLY USED BY THE EDUCATED ONES, HOWEVER WE HAVE A PROBLEM IN SPOKEN ENGLISH, BECAUSE WE LACK EXPOSURE I wait for a mail from you!

05:06 PM Sep 12 2007 |