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Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend....



Moldova, Republic Of

I thought it may be useful to list some of your boyfriend / girlfriend qualities, first of all because it will be like writing an essay (and as we know it is a good way of practising english) and besides that this process may contribute to refreshing your feelings (i mean while writing all this you can analyse everything and may understand that he/she is actually the best, you may also compare all his/her qualities with those written by other e-baby members). So, ...

01:28 PM Sep 14 2007 |

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Moldova, Republic Of

hey, i don't beleive that here on Ebaby are just single persons…. come on, tell me why is your girlfriend/boyfriend special? Maybe he/she is beautiful, or tells jokes or is spending all the money on you…. or may be has a beautiful smile?

10:28 AM Sep 28 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


Ok oxanna, I will take the plunge! My girlfriend is beautiful, sexy, interesting, jealous, aggravating, lovable, and everything that I love in a woman. She drives me crazy, keeps my awake at night and is a gift of fate. A simple conversation turned my life around and a roller coaster ride started that has lasted for a year. Uphill, downhill, we have traveled through each other's minds and words and have come to the conclusion that we can't live without each other.

OK! Take it from here! 

03:06 AM Sep 29 2007 |


United States

I know this was posted foreverrr ago, but i decided to just comment anyways! My Boyfriend isssss: Amazing, Funny, Adorable, Loveable, Sweet, Nice, Weird, Crazy, Loud, Caring, Stupid (: , Silly, Cuuuute, Affectionate, Bossy :P , Charismatic, Outgoing, Dependable Joyful, Reliable, Sympathetic, Talkative, Jealous, Entertaining, Aggravating :P ,

09:08 AM Jan 30 2012 |



since i’m single now, i wanna talk about my ex. He is the sort of hilarious, knowledgeable,exocentric,loud and impulsive lover, who had been in a steady relationship with me nearly 5 years .

looking forward to see more response :)

06:40 PM Aug 12 2012 |