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i'm confused ...



why most poeple add me as friends without talking to me? Innocent

06:09 PM Aug 05 2012 |

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07:25 AM Aug 06 2012 |




because they don’t know how to use this , such as me, i just start this website by 5 minutes lol

09:48 PM Aug 06 2012 |

JumpinJulian Flash


They must to be news, i’m presume. I’ m starting in this website too, and i wont add people without meet them before.

11:06 PM Aug 06 2012 |




You have to thanks God for that, because some are findind friend around the world but they can get it, and you complain about why the people add you without permittion, if you are most friend , you will have most esperience about english and about the world 

01:02 AM Aug 07 2012 |




YOU can talk with them,more is better than nathing,right?

by the way,i’m a new comer here,welcome to add me.

03:02 AM Aug 07 2012 |




I ‘m here from a long time ago and I know many friends and if you see my friends list you will see there are many, but actually not all I talking with them, some I add them and after accepted they never respond to your message and some of them they add me and after that they send to me one or two messages then they disappear, but there are friends contact with me for long time still now, about me I left this website (Ebaby) for long time because I have many works like studying and travelling that didn’t’ let me chance to enter here, but I check my email any free time I have if there are friends requests and messages so I respond to them.

 I think because there are many reasons to friends that they add you and not talking to you such as for only increse friends list and for just to see if he or she social or not and so on.

Thank you for sharing you problem with us..that everyone here have it I think Foot in mouth

Best reards

09:08 AM Aug 07 2012 |

Rami Ibrahim

Syrian Arab Republic

Maybe just wanna increase their friends list dear . never be confused , ignore ..

07:05 AM Aug 09 2012 |


MasbararSuper Member!


The reason can be to not lose the time.Once you are friend,you can talk.Talking before and to be friend after is also possible.But the time,life pass.In the real life,you start by talking and after you can be friend.So it takes days,months,years to be friend.Internet makes easier and faster to be friend.

09:22 AM Aug 09 2012 |