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banned from chat !



i was banned from chat by some admin called ebabyadmin ! he kicked me for no reason ! so this is why he is admin to have such a conduct ?

04:42 PM Aug 13 2012 |

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wasim ali

wasim ali


tell me how to talk with e baby owner!

08:14 PM Sep 09 2012 |


United States

Jey Jason SHOVE YOUR MOUTH A SOCK!! I teach English here and I’m in the chat room as a friendly Grammar Nazi,  I was banned for joking about getting someone’s porn collection; it was an honest joke!!

The Admin over reacted, and I have learned my lesson I”m waiting eagerly for an unban.

and WASIM,  you can’t really address ebaby founder, but he always checks the forums..    tell your story how you were banned in a better honest detail and he will re consider your case.

12:31 AM Mar 20 2013 |