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looking for sincere friends



well, first of all, this place is nice in which people from so many different countries gather together with the same purpose - learning English.

but the question is a sincere and long-lasting friendship not that easy as i imagined to come by.

Here, i’m asking for real friends, who won’t disappear after several communications or jump into sex talks when we just met.

i wanna talk about things, share interesting photos. so come on, mail me. Kiss

03:20 PM Aug 30 2012 |

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you’re right, it’s very very difficult to find people want to talk / write about different daily subjects and the most CONTINUE to be interested in doing so. The fact is that, from my personal point of view, there are “a few” persons really interested in build friendship through internet and at the same time improve english knowledge. Sometimes I think people are too “fast”, I mean
write for a while and after that you “feel” the partner has nothing more to say, is it possibile ? There are thousand things to talk about ! So I answer to your appeal :) and I give you my email : framyname @ live . it (you have to take away the blanks ;) ).
Ok, if everyone else is interested to communicate in English language write me or add me in msn messenger (the e-mail above is my msn id).



11:25 AM Sep 01 2012 |

Irene Forever



Choosing the right friends depends on you. It’s impossible to built sincere relationship just by adding someone on your msn messanger. Friendship needs much time to detect if it can be called like that. The Internet is a place  where you can be made a fool  easily. Just a piece of advice: don’t stick too close to anyone until you are sure, he or she is a real friend for you. Chat, enjoy, but be careful with love. If you still find a person who is a good one, you are lucky.

Shiny way to you!

11:08 PM Sep 07 2012 |



i am bad in english and i look for someone can be a good and best friend to improve my english and exchange many things


11:41 PM Sep 08 2012 |