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Do you agree the problems outweigh the benefits of mobile phones?

Joshua Guo

Joshua Guo


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The proliferation of apps and Web-based information has given people a portable-leading-edge products which continuously weed through the old to put forth the new. Such apparatuses as iPod,tablet PC,PDA, Web phone and iPhone are almost possessed by most of the white collar classes and even students, who use phones in order to complete their daily routine and tasks, to use their leisure time and to negotiate. 


It is believed that cellular phones have played a dominant role in our life. Many can’t live without them. For example, someone has a phone as his second brain, which has textbook or browser of auto-indexed carried at all time. Along with the purpose of work, interested are another in the entertainment function keys on the touch screen. The most important of all, phones could give quick assistance when somebody is in an emergency, using the phone to call tow truck, to contact his family members, or to deal with important affairs. Of all the scientific living essentials, the cell phones are the most popular merchandise used for social life. But these still are a few potential dangers ignored easily.


Contradictory to the merits of modern phones furnishing people with update information, providing students with multi-media amusement, giving businessmen instant communication, social connection and health concept have been increasingly erased. The advanced technique has created something of a generation divide. People would gawk at the unreal life in machinery rather than gaze at a real person beside him implicated social and psychological complexities. Moreover, mobile phones serve people with various programs killing time as well as to killing life. That means it exercise negative influences on your health as well. Cellphonic, focusing on the technical products, are warned that they may have growing-worse-eyesight, expending-muscle ache and higher traffic accident risk if they keep the status quo.


The conclusion of both arguments may have their supporters. “The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up” said the Chinese old adage. While someone enjoys the euphoria that the Web phone brought, with uncontrollability, his life might have been devastated spontaneously.

04:05 AM Nov 07 2012 |