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Bene-HOMEWORK!! 4 my Ss




Hi. Post your homeworks here!!! example:

(instructions: First choose a hobby group (music, cars, learning english, cooking etc. , write a question to post on this forum, and that's all!)


To: Music group

From: Eduxxx  (your name and group )

Hi. I'm a big fan of Coldpaly, especially the lead singer. I really like him, and I want to know more  about him. What are his interest?

blah blah bla!!!.... 

09:38 AM Sep 18 2007 |

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to: Music group

from: castro luna osbaldo 503

hi, i´m a fan of Sarah McLachlan, do you know her. she sing very nice, and i want to buy her cds, do you know, were i can to find?  

10:15 PM Sep 20 2007 |




ok. thanks!

11:59 PM Sep 20 2007 |



To:Music Group

Fron:Hernandez Lara Adrian 117

Cool Hi. I´m a fan of THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS. I´like to hear his songs and to see his videos, but the bad thing is that hardly and I know them . Good  I want toknow when comes THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS to Mexico? Tongue out

08:10 PM Sep 21 2007 |



To: Music Group.

From:Minerva Sánchez Anaya. [117]

Hi! I'm a really really fan of Alex Ubago! Do you know him? i hope yes! cuz he's a great singer and the most important he's very handsome!yeah!! jah jah jah!! do you belive that[he's very handsome]? Do you know some songs of him? if the answer is NO, you can ask me for them.! ok?

Well see you!! bye.! have anice day Wink! bye!

08:19 PM Sep 21 2007 |




TO: Music Group

From: Lara Fabian


Lara Fabian is a amazing singer, she's got powerful voice & she sings in english, italian an' french.

She had sung with Andrea Boccelli, Celine Dion, Laura Pausini….

 i Love her !!! She's great woman …



08:35 PM Sep 21 2007 |



 TO: Music group

 From: Luis Joan Cifuentes Soto 2575


hi. I´m Luis I like of Happy Punk especially the group of Divicion Minuscula, I also Like of Rock Music and I like the fall out boy But I don´t have the disc of music for their. do you have the disc?

07:54 PM Sep 22 2007 |





HI!I´m student and I like english class, but I don´t understand english,  because I´m not  a very goood for speak it.Laughing

Do you have a suggestion for me? 

08:59 PM Sep 22 2007 |

pekeña princs


to my Ilike the music of all type but especially the pop music and the group that but Ilike it is Sin Bandera; to part of hearing music also likes me to dance, to sleep, to see tv and to go the shooping but there are many times in those that my friends because they like the rock and that to my don`t  like it. they also like it but the music in english but some words are hindered and it is for that reason that ì don`t sing themKiss JANIS 2585

09:00 PM Sep 22 2007 |



zoram gallardo armenta grupo 503
hi! teacher
i like to music , the music is very very important and love the video games my favoryte video games is zelda ocarina of time , i also like music the church , especially children´s books , i don´t like rock and pop ,or like the james dean.
like to music classical , but my friends don´t
my father´s can´t play the instrument her because i´m play the acordeon, trombon , piano.
good bay! teacher
gooooooooooooood nigth.

10:46 PM Sep 22 2007 |



profesor no encontre las letras negras perdon

10:48 PM Sep 22 2007 |