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Please, I need help very much(for my exam). homogenization, what does it mean?



Russian Federation

Please. I have very difficult task at university. May be anybody know what does homogenization mean? It is something, connecting with cultures…........

08:07 PM Sep 18 2007 |

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Trinidad and Tobago

Homogenization is when you mix too liquids say milk and water. The milk and water combine to form a uniform consistency.

Take water and oil. No matter how much you physically shake the mixture, the oil always floats back to the top. This mixture can not be homogenized.

01:57 AM Sep 19 2007 |



Russian Federation

Hakimi, kochin thank you very much!!!!!!!! You really help me a lot!

04:41 PM Sep 19 2007 |


Trinidad and Tobago

Oh, yes you are right hakimi.

Homogenisation in culture would be be used to be describe the level of integration.

For instance a small, isolated village would have a homogenised population. That is they are the same because strangers are rare.

A cosmopolitan city would be heterogeneous.

I can't think of an example of homogenised culture in the broader example.

But basically, I guess it would mean you do not create a China town, when new immigrants arrive but marry the natives. 

12:43 AM Sep 21 2007 |