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Is here someone from Brazil?????




Hey guys I’m writing u all with the hope that someone here comes from Brazil! I’m attending to a Poster competition in my university for the book fair in Frankfurt. The topic will be to create a wellcoming Poster for Brazil. The point is that i don’t want to design a poster with the typical German opinion of Brazilians like for example a Design with carnival dancers. Maybe someone who knows Brazil or comes from there can help me and tell me more about the Culture? About another habits and characteristics of this Country? U would really, really help me.



11:07 AM Apr 01 2013 |

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Hello Sofl!

How are you?

I’m from Brazil.

I’m studying English and I think I can help you because I can improve my English this way. Is there anything in especific you’d like to know about Brazil?

Keep in touch!

Have a good week and see you!


11:48 PM Apr 02 2013 |