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hello all!



Åland Islands

my name is laila, i am new here…

i really want to improve my vocabulary but i don’t have self-discipline…

maybe here with you it will cheer me up.

so how did you start your learning here and what did you do for get improved?

*i hope i did not have mistakes ;)

08:09 PM Jan 17 2014 |

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 Hello Lailae,  as you are asking let me give you the little  i know about how to improve  while learning a new language. First of all, don´t be afraid  to make mistakes ,they are part of the learning process ,secondly, a certain kind of discipline it is necessary in the beginning ,try to follow the lessons , write down new words . It is said that Rome it wasn`t built in a day ,likewise in the course of time you will see how much  advanced you are from the starting point .  You can do it !!!   

08:55 PM Jan 17 2014 |



Åland Islands

thank you so much.

i will try to follow every lesson because i am studying and working too.

but if i don’t use these words everyday, i will forget it one day, i guess..

04:51 PM Jan 18 2014 |




hi,,, how are you? To improve your vocabulary, you have to incorporte it to your sentence. And use it over and over. Just as how babies learned to speak,you need exposure to the word and use it.

09:38 PM Jan 19 2014 |