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Now I need a sincere penfriend




I am Vincent who just graduated from college last year.Now I am engaged in agricultural machine exportation. Yes, my job is not as cool as band member. But I love it, because I was arranged to develop Africa market in which I can contribute to relieve the food shortage of the people.

I would like to be your sincere penfriend. We can encourage each other.  We can share our little secret, our feelings, our interests, our experience, our career. I can tell you my opinion about Chinese history and philosophy or learn something about classical music from you. When we are in travel, we can send postcard for each other. 

When you come to China, you will feel the enthusiasm of our family. Anyway, we will be the best friends of each other.

My Skype: vxzhang

06:32 AM Jun 26 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hello LoveOK,

How are you? I like your way of describing in introducing yourself. I, too, look forward to have a friend like you and be able to share our opoinions about different subjects and fellings, and yes, maybe our little secrets. hahaha.

Anyway I just added you in my skype and sent you a friend request here. I would be very grateful if you accept it.

my skype is: hamid.nikravesh

08:10 AM Jun 27 2014 |




Thank you for your reply…I research “hamid.nikravesh” on Skype, but I can not identify which one is you…so just send me a request again pls. I will accept it.

09:12 AM Jun 27 2014 |