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Pen pal wanted




I am a high school student from China. I am expecting a native speaker to practice my English.
I’m an outgoing student and I’m 15 now. My English name is Henry Robellouis Krinston. I want to study in Britain in the future. I am glad to make friends to broaden my horizons towards English culture.
Would you mind being my pal? Maybe we can contact with each other by e-mailing or posting, either is OK. What’ your opinions?
Hope to receive your e-mail soon if you want to know more about me.You can e-mail me at

Henry Robellouis Krinston

10:48 AM Jul 14 2014 |

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Directly requesting a pen pal might not work.
If we give a bit more thought,
You need to try to get friends from all over the web,
Just by talking you can befriend,
the most curious among the herd.

05:28 AM Jul 25 2014 |