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Hello there!


United States

hi im from San Diego CA, i wanna be ur friends, i wanna know about another countries of this lil’ world…and culture, musics, everythings!..plz…if u can add me, my address mail is , or if u try to learn english just contact to me… im on-line everyday, so…thnx and good bye!

05:49 AM Feb 12 2006 |

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Saudi Arabia

sure i want..
but i hope we meet by massenger .. if you want to join with me , you can add me ..
good luke …...... majed

11:33 AM Apr 27 2006 |




I am glad to get to know so many friends here ,I am chinese ,I am interested in English,everyday I wish my level can be improved and more recognize other coutries and more wonderful things .my dear friends ,welcome to contact me .and especially I want to chat with an skilled englished friend.will you ? my MSN adress:

07:28 AM Apr 28 2006 |




but I donot know how to get your contact address. I am eager to get some friend who also love life anywhere.

07:33 AM Apr 28 2006 |



United Arab Emirates

Smile hi loukas

how r u? i am from Dubai,nice to meet u,  i would like to meet people from around the world.i also want to improve my english skills.

take care

11:07 AM Nov 19 2006 |



Hi Stephen,

I have to improve my English, too.

My name is Michaela, I am 35 years old, German and I am doing an English for Business course and I hope I will be able to do an exam next year.

So your help is very welcome…

Many regards



05:56 PM Nov 20 2006 |




hi ım Tugba from Turkey. ım 25 old years. I just came in here. ı wanna talk somebody. cuz ı wannna go to USA ( ı dont know to  how ı do it )   and ı must improve my English. lets talk  ((:

07:17 PM Mar 10 2008 |