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Making another sentence by using coup... thanks



Hi guys,

I make a sentence below and would you please make an another one, thanks

People are planning a coup to get rid of the President.

 thanks guys

Have a good day !

03:30 AM Oct 10 2007 |

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Trinidad and Tobago

In 1990 there was a coup in Trinidad and Tobago.

11:40 PM Oct 10 2007 |



Hi kochin

thanks for your answer,

I have another question in your Blog,

thanks a lot


03:29 AM Oct 11 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


I think it is best if you preface your word 'coup' by using the full version first. coup d'etat. 

I believe this is normal in articles and provides some clue to the read about the meaning of the word. Coup by itself isn't what you really mean, but the meaning of it is inferred if you put the compete term earlier in the article.  

02:38 PM Oct 11 2007 |