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United States

Hi my name is Patrick and I live in the USA. I am a senior in high school and have taken casic spanish,japanese, and german courses. ( I think i was most interested in Japanese, because it comes from a different language rott while german and spanish are based on latin)
I would like all of you to share methods of learning language that other people might find useful.
A couple of things that help me learn are.
1. If a language is only repeated to me and doesnt cause me to think about it, learning a language becomes alot harder.
2. Another thing that helps me to learn is intelligent exposure, I learn alot faster if I can hear or read the material myself without being given an interpretation.

04:06 AM Apr 06 2006 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I  suggest the best way to learn a language is to experience it.to feel it.We should cry, smile, get angry and express ourselves in some way. otherwise the words and expressions are not practical and dead. I really appreciate your helping me with finding better ways of learning and teaching a new language.

05:22 PM May 16 2008 |



get somebody who speaks the language…

10:44 PM May 17 2008 |



I agree that everything in beginning is too hard.

According to me best way to learn a language is to watch movies in that language especially with sub titles on.

Chat more more in this blog. 


04:27 AM May 18 2008 |




i think even you have a lot of money,go and travelling in the others country and study or stay  in there.Find your friends and practise.

09:31 AM May 18 2008 |




Talk, tal, talk even with yourself, according to a german survey talking is much better than just hearing the language.

07:08 AM Aug 21 2008 |