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so + adj + as to + verb / so +adj + to + verb


United States

Please teach me when to use so + adj + as to + verb and when to use so + adj + to verb. For example, you can say that “We’d never be so cocky as to believe the business is in the bag.” In this case you won’t say that “We’d never be so cocky to belive the business is in bag”. I am very confused! Help me!

12:30 AM Apr 17 2006 |

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So __As__ is a phrase.
_ as to + verb _.
or can So_
as believing__ is_.
Hope you can understand the above.

05:52 AM Apr 17 2006 |


United States

Thank you for your reply. I guess I wasn’t clear… I would like to know the differences between “so _ as to ” and “so _ to __”. I hope you can help me!

02:52 AM Apr 19 2006 |




So__as to_,
Here “as to” can be another phrase.
as to = regarding….......(somthing).
Please check the usage of phrase:
__as to(+believing__),
Hope this be helpful to understand the difference.

07:54 AM Apr 19 2006 |


United States

“so + adj + as to + verb” is not a very common pattern in American English conversation. When people do attempt to use it, though, they often reduce it to “so + adj + to + verb.” The structure changes, but the meaning stays the same.
For example, I’ve heard people say ”..if you’re so stupid to buy it..” when they should have said ”...if you’re so stupid as to buy it…”
In the “so + adj + to + verb” pattern, ‘so’ is similar in meaning to ‘very’ or ‘really.’ It intensifies the adjective, so you can say “I was so shocked to read that.” This pattern is much, much more common in spoken American English.
Hope this helps.

05:07 AM Apr 24 2006 |



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