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Are you confident with your English?




Yes, I am confident with English. The reason behind this is I always read English newspaper and books, novels. Listen to music, watch movies, news channel, series all the things in English because all this increases vocabulary and grammar which can make your English strong. A big thing I did is I always speak in English and I would suggest alway speak in English in public space weather it is good or bad. this all the things make you more confident while speaking.

10:21 AM Jan 14 2019 |

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fxarrufatSuper Member!


The more I listen to English contents (podcasts, videos, TV shows…) the more confident I become. The more difficult for me is speaking, it requires practice, practice and practice. But if you only speak and don’t work in input (listening, reading) your vocabulary and structure won’t improve and you’ll always being using the same  words and sentences. It’s my opinion.

10:00 PM Jan 15 2019 |