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United States

        Looking for some new friends in far off places. If you want to come hang out and learn some English American style then feel free to E mail me. I usally check my email every two days. Dont be shy because i sure you can teach me as much our maybe more

05:15 PM May 28 2006 |

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Hi, I'm Léa and I live in Paris, I need to improve my English, please help me lol

01:46 PM May 29 2006 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hello, how are you.I'm a man from Iran

,59 years.I want to know you and your country more. I will be delighted if received an email from you.My email add is

                                                                    Thanks ,Hassan

06:17 AM May 30 2006 |




hoo..goog friends..l agree with u..let's imporve amerrican english style here is my email….

12:38 AM May 31 2006 |


United States

       Do you have msn hotmail or a email messenger


02:38 AM May 31 2006 |


United States

     Feel free to email me at thank you

02:39 AM May 31 2006 |


United States

every one here  Feel free to send any questions i will respond in a timely fashion thank you Merlin




02:40 AM May 31 2006 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi please help me to improve my english!!!!!!!!!!

sometimes i was good in english but now i am going to forget english

and now i am so so so sad.

06:08 AM May 31 2006 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hello how are you,i want to know more about you and your coutry that you live.Thanks a lot Hassan

06:10 AM May 31 2006 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi dear

i am samira and live in IRAN

and plz ask and be sure that i will answer to all of your question

06:15 AM May 31 2006 |



Hi Merlin.

How are you? I hope you are doing fine. What about me? Well, I'm just doing fine. I'm searching the web to see who I can practice my English with. I'm a recent member of this web page.

 I'm very happy to see how you are willing to help others improve their English, especially the American one. This the main reason I'm writing to you. You said you want somebody to email you. Well, this is just exactly what I'm doing. Trying to see if I can improve my English with you.

By the way, are you a woman or a man. I'm sorry to ask you this question. I think I shouldn't ask you this. It's just my curiosity. That's all.

Well, I've got to go now. I talk to you later. Bye.


10:34 PM May 31 2006 |