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The difference between JOB and CAREER




Several days ago,i have a interview,the interviewer asked me a question:Can you tell me the difference between JOB and CAREER? At that time ,i answered very bad,So,at this time, I want members of Ebaby to talk about it,Give your opinion!!

08:47 AM Nov 15 2007 |

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A job is specific and career is abstract term in business. You may have many jobs in your career.

09:12 AM Nov 15 2007 |



thanks for this so do u know the differnce between ashame and shy ??

04:29 PM Nov 15 2007 |


Trinidad and Tobago

Ashamed is regret over something you have done.

 Shy is being afraid of talking to people.

Job can also refer to a task or assignment.  

Painting the wall- I did a good job. 

A career refers to your specialisation or set of skills. 

I specialise in painting houses, it is my career. 

11:09 PM Nov 15 2007 |




well , i guess a job is what ur doing for ur living , it's ur work , however a career is much of a job ur REALLY experienced , a career is a job u spent ur whole life building up and u can die for it ,or it's ur dream job , it's what u dream of having as a job and you may sacrifice for doing it

as for the difference between shy and ashamed , i guess shiness is a quality you are born with , but shame is being embarassed and guilty about some thing bad you have done and you feel that whenever u think about what u have done or whenevr some one brings out that subject

11:31 PM Nov 15 2007 |



A career is a long-life process whereas a job is what you do at a specific moment in your life.  Your career my contain many jobs.

12:24 AM Nov 16 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


I think a career is defined as something with a future, some possibility of advancement through several levels. A job usually doesn't have an upward path.

Samara, I like the thought on your profile. 

03:04 AM Nov 16 2007 |

andy wu

andy wu

United States

My thinking is:  Job is what you do to exchange for money. Career is what you do with passion and interest.

Shy and ashame have completely different meanings. Can't compare apple with orange.

08:16 AM Nov 16 2007 |




My think is : Job is the begining of the career.the job may let you accumulate the precious experience,the career is established above these experience.

 hehehe    Do you think so?

08:33 AM Nov 16 2007 |