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unimportant or not important???



hi everyone, i don't know which is usually used between this..

which is right, unimportant or not important?

thank you before

03:38 AM Nov 17 2007 |

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Both they are right and used often.

04:52 AM Nov 17 2007 |



I think unimportant is used often


04:58 AM Nov 17 2007 |

Isha Ge

Isha Ge


I like to use unimportant.

But I think either is OK.

05:03 AM Nov 17 2007 |

andy wu

andy wu

United States

There is a little bit of difference for these two words. Depend how you phrase it.

Example 1: Health is very important, money is unimportant.

Example 2: To me, health is very important, money is not that important.

In example 1, money is out.  However, in example 2, money is still a considerable factor.

05:38 AM Nov 17 2007 |