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Our company is be engaged in high-grade tea production and procession of solid technical strength, advanced production equipment for a long time and the products quality are best.We learned that jasmine downy pearls of your company is being out of stock by browsing your website, we have various jasmine downy pearls of high aroma, mellow  taste for multiple infusions, which taking high grade green tea as embryo beads blended with jasmine.The prices are 15 USD/ KG-38 USD/ KG ranges,and we can provide sample.There are various high-grade black tea, green tea, flowering tea, white tea, dark tea, handicraft tea, fruited tea, herb tea with good quality and low price. Welcome Consultation about,look forward to cooperation!

01:00 PM Nov 17 2007 |

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andy wu

andy wu

United States

Holy shit!!! All wrong!!

Are you speaking Chinglish?


01:11 PM Nov 17 2007 |