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Useful Phrasal Verbs



1. abound in/with sth: to contain a lof of sth.

2. take sth into account: think of sth.

3. accustom sb/yourself to (doing) sth. :to become used to sth

to be continued…

03:01 AM Nov 18 2007 |

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andy wu

andy wu

United States

1. cut off date = deadline.

2. cut out a check = write a check

3. cut down salt = less salt

your turn now.

07:46 AM Nov 18 2007 |



We need to cut down salt in the dishes in order to decline the possibility of suffering from hypertension. Smile

08:36 AM Nov 18 2007 |



4. act upon sth: to do sth. according to the information, advice and instructions, etc. that you have received.

5. acquaint sb/yourself with sth: to be familar with sth.

6. address yourself to sth: to think about a problem and think of what you are goint to with this problem.

to be continued….

08:47 AM Nov 18 2007 |