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hi everybody well i just found this topic somewhere and would share it with you becuase i really like it and its really useful for all of us…



One of the main reasons for me to join the English Forum is to improve my English and to find a place where I can freely practice it and I guess it's the same with most of the English Forum Members.. we are here to form a community of our own …. a community where we can share our thoughts, opinions and feelings … a community where we can discuss, debate , learn and have fun… a community where "help and support" are the key words…
And as a member in this forum for about a year now, I feel it's an important thing for you and me to post these kind of topics in order to have a better English Forum with a better English Language … and to do so we have to learn from our and other's mistakes in the language..
So in this topic I'd like to introduce you to the most common mistakes made by "you" ,the members of the English Forum, and frankly, I didn't take a long time to find your mistakes lying everywhere..
Making mistake is a part of our humanity and hence a part of the learning process so it's o.k. to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.
PS: if your English is weak don’t quit posting topics or replying to them, on the contrary, keep on writing and practicing your English no matter what coz this is what eventually is gonna improve it.
Here is a sample:
X:yeah and we talk about gurls like guys r angels
we talk about gurls as if boys were angels

X:i am really have been hurt
I really have been hurt

XIn the contrary, ….
On the contrary,….

Xi hate the cats very much
I hate cats very much

Xthey marry each other they get married

Xbecause you didn't see that someone from a long time
because you didn't see that one for a long time

Xyou're under a strict diet
you're on a strict diet

Xthey brought to you the most wonderful gifts that you could never imagine
they brought you (without to) the most wonderful gifts that you could ever imagine

XI have been waiting for anyone who puts this topic for along time
I've been waiting for someone to post this topic

X:she might fights with her daddy nd move to other state
she might fight with her Daddy and move to another state

X:how u've been?
How have you been?

X:which really confusing my mind
which really confused me
i.e. the problem is confusing
I'm confused

ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ
I hope you learned something out of these mistakes today.. and Guys this topic is an opened topic for you to add the mistakes you find along with it's correction
and Guys, I admit it, it was fun searching for your errors …but plz keep away from mine

05:59 AM Jul 11 2006 |

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thanks so much

04:43 PM Jul 18 2006 |




sounds interesting, i may give it a try…

10:21 AM Jul 20 2006 |




Good option!

thanks emerald eyez

02:38 PM Nov 24 2006 |




One of the best topics in this forum. I hope this sentence is correct :- )

03:57 PM Nov 24 2006 |



United Arab Emirates

 lool i will not going to write a long sentence (Catch me if you can Cool)  

THANK YOU emerald eyez

06:10 PM Nov 24 2006 |





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05:31 PM Mar 07 2007 |



lool i will not going to write a long sentence

its lol and am not lool and will. I catched you, hope you'll too.

05:14 PM Apr 10 2009 |